Laser Focused Solutions Designed to Your Requirements

RS Pacific partners with technology leaders in their fields to create and deploy class leading solutions for our clients.

Our partners include: Acer, Asus, AMD, APC, Apple, eConcierge by Xerox, Hitachi ,Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, New Edge Networks, PagePack Managed Printing, Samsung, Seagate, Sony, Xerox, ZyLAB and ZyXEL who allow us to offer on-site and remote/hosted solutions which provide enterprise class quality and total dependability.

You benefit from our experience and insight into comprehensive soltutions in imaging, managed security, managed print services, electronic document management and on-site and remote storage and back-up.

Simple and Flexible

  • We will help you determine a technology and financial plan that perfectly suits your needs.
  • All-inclusive sourcing and services enable you to accurately budget and implement your project.
  • From Document Management and Work Flow to Storage and Archiving – RS Pacific has the solutions to meet your needs.
  • PagePack Managed Printing leverages PagePack online tools to minimize costs and purchase printing as your business requires it.
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